Van Gogh’s On the Threshold of Eternity is kind of making me sad.

This painting is based on a drawing he did of an old man holding his head. He did the painting months before he died and 8 years after the lithograph of the old man, I think maybe Van Gogh saw himself in the old man more than he did 8 years before when he drew him. To me there is an obvious deepening of the emotions conveyed in his depiction of the old man. The brightness of the painting aids in bringing out the sorrow felt by the man, he is no longer almost blending in with his surroundings but his pain becomes obvious, he is more hunched over, his form is less orderly, he is epitomizing despair and it must have been how Van Gogh felt at that time in his life, a few months before shooting himself.

Maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there but still I’d say it’s my favorite Van Gogh painting.

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